Select a Plan based on the number of customers you wish to add to your Watch List to monitor their credit worthiness


Up to 50 Customers

3,500 Annually


Up to 100 Customers

6,500 Annually


Above 100 Customers

12,500 Annually

Report a Default for free

Debtors Watch provides basic details of all Companies & LLP’s in India, for ease of reporting a default. For Proprietor / Partnership Firm, a new business can be added to report a Default.

Personal Dashboard

A user friendly informative Dashboard summarizes the actions taken by you and action against your business by other members.

Email and Text Alerts

Alerts are sent to Debtors to settle its dues within prescribed period to avoid the claim being reported as Default.

Debtors Watch Logo on Invoices

Right to usage of Debtors Watch logo on the invoice alerts the customers that non-payment could result into being reported on Debtors Watch.

Check Credit Worthiness

Access to the reported defaults enables a Subscriber to check credit worthiness of a customer before engaging with them.

Monitor on real time basis

Add a Customer to Watch List and receive alerts for details of default, cross directorship defaults or court judgements reported by other against your watch listed customers.

Cross Directorship Defaults

Debtors Watch looks into the directorships of the defaulted companies and alerts you for the cross directorships.

Cost Effective

Report a default for free. Credit worthiness of a customer is available on payment of small subscription fee. Free Trial period of 30 days is available for all the features.